The Sweet, Sweet Potato

Why should we pick that vibrant, orange spud to go in our shopping basket?

Firstly, they are exceptionally high in beta carotene, the carotenoid phytonutritient that not only provides the yellow/orange colour but also many health promoting benefits.    They provide powerful antioxidant protection... your anti-ageing regimes will love this!  Also unlike our white potatoes, they are not a nightshade vegetable, which can cause inflammation in some people with arthritic conditions.

Whilst they are a complex carbohydrate, they are a vegetable carbohydrate which are often easy to digest and do not create the same cravings some grains can create.

Sweet potatoes  are easy to store, they are easy to prepare and they are not your caloric enemy ... one small baked sweet potato with skin contains only 95, nutrient rich calories. This turn of phrase “Nutrient Rich” is the new lingo in the health and nutrition arena.  A nutrient rich or nutrient dense food something along the lines of “a good bang for your buck”, but in the health world, it is one food that provides high concentrations of health promoting nutrients without excess calories... perfect for us high energy women who are looking at keeping our skin and eyes youthful!
Raw Vegan Snickers Slice
Yes, your body needs cholesterol!


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