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What are CPD hours?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the ongoing process of acquiring, tracking, and documenting knowledge, experience and skills beyond the initial training required for a profession. It encompasses both formal and informal work completed to enhance professional growth.

CPD hours play a crucial role in staying updated with the latest information and tools relevant to a specific profession. By dedicating time to CPD, professionals ensure they are well-informed about the advancements in their field. The number of CPD hours required annually may vary based on industry and regulatory standards.

You may also hear CPD hours called CEUs or Continuing Education units. These terms are often used interchangeably.

Who can issue CPD credits?

CPDs are regulated by authorised accreditation bodies to ensure that training providers meet the industry's high standards.

Accreditation with The CPD Standards Office is evidence-based and signifies a positive reputation and credibility. All accreditations undergo assessment by third parties, using criteria derived from extensive research projects. Additionally, an expert advisory board guides their assessment methodology.

A Healthy View has received accreditation from The CPD Standards Office, a leading global CPD accreditation body. This accreditation is internationally recognised and respected.

The CPD Standards certificates issued by A Healthy View are accepted in many countries and professional sectors.



What are CPD hours good for?

There are many benefits to enrolling in CDP-certified training. Keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date through CPD-accredited training provides the latest information to make sure learners are informed of the most recent developments, practices and data.

For A Healthy View, this means our accredited courses provide the latest scientific evidence, and that as an organisation we have established ourself as a leader of evidence-based online learning.

By completing a CPD-certified course through A Healthy View, professionals are able to claim CPD points required for their industry body. Certificates are provided upon successful completion. 

The Professional Development Consortium

The CPD Standards Office awards independent CPD accreditation to training and learning activities across all professions and sectors. This unique organisation was founded with the vision of understanding and enabling positive and successful CPD and learning experiences.

As a highly specialised expert team, our university-led research has equipped us with extensive expertise on all things CPD; including a thorough understanding of professional CPD and the use of CPD Certificates for formal CPD records.

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