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Clear skin, sparkling eyes and shiny hair?
A healthy and stabilised weight?
Balanced moods and hormones?
To bring back vitality and vibrancy to your physical and mental body?

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Employees with greater resilience, productivity and performance?


Our nutrition and personal or workplace wellbeing programs can help you achieve it!



Michele Chevalley Hedge

“Michele brings great knowledge, backed by real facts, practical tips and a great sense of humour. She brings an outstanding energy and vibrancy to the room, leaving you to feel empowered to do something really positive for your own wellbeing.”

Inclusion, Diversity & Wellbeing, DELOITTE Australia

Michele Chevalley Hedge

“Michele Chevalley Hedge was invited to speak at the Women in Focus conference, 2014. Her modern day approach to nutrition was well received by participants as she shared her expertise in a light, accessible and interesting way.”

Women in Focus, Commonwealth Bank

Michele Chevalley Hedge

“Michele spoke to the Heads of Independent Schools of NSW and the ACT at their quarterly conference. Her presentation was energetic, dynamic and transformational. Her messages were practical, insightful and readily able to be implemented in our busy lives. Michele was inspiring & motivating!”

President of Heads of Schools NSW/ACT

The Science of Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Each program is available online with instant access upon purchase and a certificate awarding 2-3 CPD points* upon completion.

Take one or take them all!

The Science of Workplace Wellbeing

The Impact of Nutrition on Mental Resilience & Energy

This short online program will edu-tain on what to eat, how to avoid sugar cravings and crashes, and how to show up to be your best, vibrant, self at the office or at home. 

Qualifies for 3 CPD/CE* points.


The Science of Workplace Wellbeing

The Impact of Sleep & Stress on Burnout & Productivity

This short online program will edu-tain on how to improve sleep and stress not just for your waistline but for your energy levels, mood, performance and productivity. 

Qualifies for 2 CPD/CE* points.


The Science of Workplace Wellbeing

The Impact of the Gut Biome on Mental Health & Brain Performance

This short online program will edu-tain on how to improve your gut health and its link to cognitive function, anxiety, depression and mood disorders, and your performance at work. 

Qualifies for 2 CPD/CE* points.


The Science of Workplace Wellbeing

Online Workplace Wellbeing Program Bundle

Get access to all three workplace wellbeing programs including The Impact of Nutrition on Mental Resilience & Energy, The Impact of Sleep & Stress on Burnout & Productivity, and The Impact of the Gut Biome on Mental Health & Brain Performance. 

Qualifies for 7 CPD/CE* points.


Expert Nutritional Advice At Your Finger Tips

Be that glowing person in the room who not only looks naturally healthy but truly feels it.
At A Healthy View you will be guided with natural nutritional advice and provided with an easy and attainable plan of action through:

The Science of Workplace Wellbeing    

A series of online trainings on the impact of Nutrition, Sleep and Gut Health on Mental Resilience, Energy, Productivity & Performance. 


Low Sugar Lifestyle  

Fuss-free, family-friendly 28 day online program to a lower sugar life.
Includes recipes and 28 day email program to follow.

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Expert Nutritional & Wellbeing Advice At Your Workplace


Corporate Wellness    

Invest in the health of your employees and your business with professional development workshops on topics of nutrition, health and wellbeing. Michele's charisma and no-fluff approach is always well received by all.

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School Programs

Michele runs nutrition workshops for teens. She also comes to schools to educate teachers on nutrition, sleep and gut health to improve workplace wellbeing and reduce burnout! 

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Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Michele hosts CPD workshops on nutrition, sleep and gut health to improve workplace wellbeing, reduce burnout, and improve employee resilience, productivity and performance! 

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Michele Chevalley Hedge

“I approached Michele Chevalley Hedge at A Healthy View after watching her speak at several other educational events earlier in the year and I hoped she would be available to address the delegates at The School Nurses Association Michele spoke to us about Vitality, Energy and Balancing Hormones available from the food we choose to eat and the need to reduce the sugar intake in our daily diet. Michele is energetic, vital and a living example of the end result of a well-balanced diet and lifestyle. She inspired us with her motivation and encouraged all to make healthy choices and project this message to the students in our care. Nurses commented that Michele was invigorating and encouraging. Her presentation was entertaining and interesting providing useful strategies for delegates and those under their care.”

School Nurses Association of NSW

Michele Chevalley Hedge

“When I was in the thick of my depression, I found that bad habits were easy to slip into and good ones easy to excuse away. Food was definitely a big part of this equation. Quick fix food felt great for a moment but pretty soon zapped me of energy, made it harder to concentrate, and overall contributed to a feeling of heading in the wrong direction. I LOVE Michele’s approach to realistically eating well! We’re not robots and our diets don’t have to be perfect and boring. Small changes can lead to big positive things.”

The Champions - www.thechampions.org