Health & Safety Policy Statement

Directors Commitment to Health and Safety Issues

All Directors acknowledge their collective responsibility to provide adequate Health and Safety protection to all staff and customers.

Each Director is also aware of his/her individual responsibility to consider Health and Safety Issues when making decisions about aspects of the business for which they are solely responsible e.g. individual department or specialist fields of activity.

Managerial Responsibility for Health and Safety Policy

It is clearly understood that the responsibility for implementing the company’s agreed policy for Health and Safety lies with local management, beginning at the supervisor level.

All managers must take Health & Safety issues into account as an integral part of their management role.
Managers who become aware of any policy implementation problems relating to Health & Safety protection to staff, customers, visitors or any other third parties must bring the particular problem to the attention of his/her Line Manager, if he/she is unable to deal with the matter personally.

Employee Responsibility for Health and Safety Policy

Each and every employee has a personal (and legal) responsibility to assessments or general safety advice issued by the Safety and Environmental Services Department. If in doubt seek the advice of a manager.

Employees who fail to follow correct procedures and place Health and Safety of work colleagues or visitors at risk may by subject to company disciplinary procedure or even dismissal in extreme cases.

The active involvement by all employees in Health and Safety issues is encouraged.

All employees are entitled to receive adequate information instruction, training and supervision to ensure that they are able to undertake their various tasks without causing unacceptable risks to their own or other people’s Health & Safety.

Safety Policy, Advice and Safety Law

It is legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to devise a Health and Safety policy and to provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that the policies are followed or adapted and re-written when circumstances change.

The Health & Safety policy is, therefore a measure issued upon which the company must take action or, from past experience, which to take action in the interest of maintaining high standards of Health & Safety minimising the economic costs of staff shortages due to accidents and ill health, property damage, equipment damage and merchandise damage.

Staff who fail to follow written policy, internally published guidance or even verbal guidance from a Line Manager can find themselves in breach of Safety Law, if an accident results directly or indirectly from their activities, and can be personally prosecuted by enforcement agency officials e.g. Environmental Health Officers at Work Act 1994.

All Staff are encouraged to be fully pro-active on Health & Safety issues and bring any perceived problems quickly to the attention of their local management. If the problem persists, they may seek additional advice from the Company Directors.