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Less movement, poor food choices, hidden sugars, disrupted sleep patterns and social media ‘madness' is not only affecting young people’s bodies but research is increasingly showing it is affecting their mood and ability to cope with simple daily stresses, school work and friendships.

A school can build resilient children, a school can provide excellent academic teachers, and your school has the ability to create leaders, creative thinkers and athletes; however it is impossible to do any of that without underpinning young adults with good nutrition which supports all aspects of their health…

Their physical body, mental awareness and emotional wellbeing.

  • Michele Hedge

    “I have had the pleasure of hearing Michelle Chevalley Hedge speak on many occasions. Her energy, humour and knowledge are unrivalled in the field of nutrition in Australia. She is simply a phenomenal communicator - I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone looking for a smash hit speaker.”


    psychologist, author, and broadcaster

Nutrition for Teenagers

It is exciting how schools are really embracing the wellbeing of our children and teenagers and School Nutrition Programs and teenagers’ diet is an extremely important topic. These young people are faced with mental, social, and emotional challenges daily and if they have a solid healthy foundation they are able to cope better with life’s challenges.

Accomplished speaker Michele Hedge is a Nutritionist (Adv. Dip of Nutritional Medicine, Australia Traditional Medicine Society) and published author and a dynamic health advocate. Nutrition for teenagers is an extremely important topic for Michele, particularly as she has three teenagers herself.

As a nutrition speaker, Michele is in demand as schools realise the importance of teenage nutrition and how a teenager’s diet affects their lives daily. And her nutrition presentation has a positive effect on the teenagers. Michele looks at the use of nutrient-dense, whole foods as the basis of mental and physical stability.

Flourishing and Nourishing in a Changed World

Michele’s vision is to educate, inspire, and connect your Teachers, Students, and Parent Communities with the science of wellbeing. Michele is an international author and presenter to corporates and schools and education is her passion. It is time to look up, look out and flourish.

As a former teacher, Michele is aware of how educators are often experts at nourishing the world but overlooking themselves. As a mother, Michele is far too aware of the impact of food on students' mental resilience and physical energy. Michele has combined her nutritional medicine studies with her formal Positive Psychology diploma to craft an enjoyable and informative program for teachers, staff, parents or student.

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  • Michele Hedge

    “Michele came to our school and did a captivating presentation to our senior students. Her ability to relate to the students and staff that were present was remarkable. She immediately engaged the whole auditorium in her advocacy of a low sugar/wellbeing lifestyle with simple ideas and changes that we can make to our everyday lives. The feedback from the students was that it definitely made them think about the tiredness they were feeling and how to improve their relationship with the food they were putting into their bodies.”

    Chevalier College Bowral NSW

    Stage 6 Coordinator, Chevalier College, Bowral, NSW

Tailored Nutrition Presentations

Sleep, Modest Exercise, Sunshine & Nutrition are the four pillars that underpins children’s health and adult health. Michele’s light-hearted talks on serious subjects include all four pillars. Michele’s presentations can be tailored to speak to a school, staff, students, parents or all three.

Learning objectives of Michele's workshops include:

Understanding the relationship between eating well on sleep, exercise, immune system and mood.

Identifying the key nutritional factors in daily routines than impact energy, cognitive function, mood disorders, and the immune system.

Linking hidden sugars and processed food to poor gut and brain function.

Identifying how eating well, modest exercise, and proper sleep can change someone’s self confidence and ability for positive change.


Some examples of a Tailored Nutrition Presentation are included below however customised workshops can be created to suit your organisation.

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Nutrition For The Brain & The Body

  • How food impacts everything… the brain, skin, body and mood!
  • What foods work for you and how do you know what foods don’t.
  • Tasty healthy breakfast, lunch and snack ideas
  • Three key points on reading a label
  • Importance of Balance: Study, sleep, exercise, friends, sunshine.
  • EAT, Think, Move
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HSC: How to Thrive not Survive It

Brain fogged, heart thumping, tired but cannot sleep. Numbers, assignments, due dates, exams the anxiety builds and moods brew.

This 75 minute presentation explains how good, easy to grab nutrition can underpin your HSC performance.

Not just the way you look but mental clarity and emotional resilience can be gained from your steady stream of good food and will have you thriving your way to your last exam.


Vitality, Energy & Wellness: It’s all In Your Food

Michele has three growing, hungry teenagers, a busy husband and is the founder of A Healthy View. She understands ‘busy’ and knows what families need- easy, simple and tasty ideas and knowledge to underpin a family’s wellness.

Michele will deliver a light hearted 60min presentation including the following:

  • Current unhappy and unhealthy health trends
  • Nutritional truths- the good , the bad and the scary
  • How to get it right in the Real world without extremes

Our conversation will also include the impact of hidden sugar and why Michele has been asked by the World Health Organization to speak on sugar and cancer. It will also include label reading and nutritional awareness that everyone can incorporate and integrate within their own family.

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Why Michele?

Michele Chevalley Hedge is the founder of A Healthy View. She is a nutritional medicine practitioner, international wellbeing author, and a well sought after professional speaker.

Michele is known as the "modern day nutritionist” , a former teacher and mother of three teenagers. She does not believe in extremes but shares how small, sustainable changes lead to positive moods, brain function and happy bodies.

As a former teacher, mother, with formal studies in both nutrition and positive psychology, Michele delivers realistic, sensible approaches to wellbeing that include science and humour. Her ability to connect to CEOs, teachers, world politicians or simply our students can be felt not only at live events but through her unique, easy to embrace, webinar platform.

Michele presents around the globe and some of her clients include IPEN, PESA, and the Department of Education, NSW Primary Principals, Association of Independent Schools, Alliance of Girls' School and many more.