Why Detox is Dead and Wholefood Cleanse in

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Even just saying the word detox makes me hungry.  It makes me think of deprivation and hunger.  I dislike being hungry and do not want any of our clients to be hungry.  Being hungry usually means being angry, moody and not productive.  Let’s bring back the love of food and not detox, but naturally cleanse.  

Our body’s do not need detox supplements normally because if our liver is working well then we are naturally very good detoxifiers. Gone are the days of fad diets, juices, water fasting, breath only diets - why?  They are short lived and often achieve a result that gets eliminated as soon as normal eating begins.  

So here is the great news.  Eating 3 meals per day with a combination of good fats, quality proteins and slow carbs will keep you full, happy, satiated, and help lose weight.  You may need a morning tea and afternoon tea as well and this is fine.  Keep it to a small handful of nuts, a piece of whole fruit or a bit of both. When you are eating real, whole food there is no trans fats, no added sugars, and funky chemicals - many of the reasons our liver gets sluggish and we put on weight.

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