Fun Easter Alternatives that don't rely on Chocolate


Are you trying to minimise the amount of sugar your children are consuming? Instead of hiding a tonne of chocolate eggs this year, why not try some of these fun activities to keep the kids happy.

Colour your own eggs

  • Simply hard boil some eggs and allow them to cool
  • Fill some plastic cups with some different coloured food dye
  • Lower each egg into the different coloured food dye and then allow to dry
  • You can also use a toothpick to draw in some patterns after colouring the eggs and before the dye dries
  • On Easter day, display the eggs in a cute basket on the table for a colourful display.
  • Get the family involved in an egg and spoon race or smash the eggs together, whoever's egg does not crack is the winner!

Colourful string eggs 

  • Purchase some plastic eggs from a craft shop or $2 shop.
  • Use assorted colours of wool, cotton or twine and simply wrap around the egg securing the thread with some glue. Simple colourful, creative and fun!

Easter Egg Hunt…It doesn’t just have to be a candy feast!

  • You can buy some plastic eggs from a craft store like Riot Art and Craft or even a $2 store. Put little treasures inside each one like some marbles, mini plastic toys, stamps, stickers, balloons…the sky is the limit.
  • They have a blast and get to collect lots of eggs without overdoing the chocolate.
  • I generally hide a mix of these plastic eggs and some chocolate eggs, but I lean towards dark chocolate. The kids love the hunt and spend lots of time pouring through the hidden treasures and trading them with their friends.  
Hot Cross Buns
Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs


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