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Renew Your Body

Special Report on Renew Your Body has Michele share in this article about common signs why your hormones are out of whack. To read the full article, check out this Special Report Edition at wellbeing.com.au
Most of the 37 trillion tiny cells that make up your body’s tissues and organs are continually dying off as they age, are injured or become defective, and are replaced by brand-new ones. By facilitating this innate natural regenerative process, you can renew your body. Words by LINDA MOON

Microbiome health: Probiotics help strengthen the lungs through the immune system (via the lung-gut axis). The respiratory tract has its own less-known microbiome.

Mind and body practices: Research suggests yoga, tai-chi, breathing exercises, and other mind/body practices can increase lung function and exercise capacity as well as reduce stress, Dr. Liang says. Reducing negative emotions helps due to the link between emotions and our lungs.

Buteyko breathing: This gentle breathing technique helps restore your normal breathing pattern and improve oxygen availability and lung function, Beim says. It emphasises breathing through the nose, which filters bacteria, viruses, and fungi, warms the air before it hits the lungs, avoids over-breathing and helps activate the diaphragm (the “breathing muscle” of the lungs). It also switches on the parasympathetic nervous system.

The endocrine system
The endocrine system is a name for all the hormones of your body and the glands and organs that produce them: the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, testicles, pineal gland, hypothalamus and thymus. Human hormones control digestion, sleep, metabolism, growth, puberty, mood, hunger and more. When they’re in tune, you’re unlikely to notice. When they’re out of rhythm (producing too much or little), discord can reign. As you age, their production tapers off. Michele Chevalley Hedge, nutritionist, health writer and author of The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet (2018), says common signs your hormones are out of whack include weight change, exhaustion, mood disorders, sleep disturbance and low libido. Chevalley Hedge, who has helped many of her clients heal their endocrine problems, says we can renew hormonal health. “Our bodies love to come back to balance and can recalibrate in a couple of weeks.”

Clean eat: Remove added sugars, gluten, and reduce dairy. “In many people, thesemay be causing inflammation, the underlying pathology in most diseases. Sugar is the main culprit in most blood glucose and insulin issues. Many people with thyroid issues feel better off gluten as well.” Exclude processed, packaged and junk food, and unhealthy fats. “Sugars, unhealthy fats and toxins contribute to hormonal imbalance. Eat foods full of vitamins and minerals that our endocrine system requires.”

Helpful foods: “Proteins [Chevalley Hedge recommends eggs] are a building block for your immune system and stabilise blood sugar. Foods like green tea and chilli can assist in weight loss and stimulating a sluggish thyroid. These raise your basal metabolic rate.”

Take your lifestyle vitamins: Place a priority on sleep and slowing down. According to Chevalley Hedge, “Your endocrine system loves to be nourished with a calm, wellrested lifestyle and a non-toxic environment. Too much cortisol, your stress hormone, will burn out your adrenals and lower your calming progesterone hormone, not to mention create insulin dysfunction. Sleep is more important than food and exercise. The research shows sleep is like a brain cleanse.”

Exercise: “Too much can drive your cortisol and just be another stress. Too little can make us depressed and sluggish,” says Chevalley Hedge. “Find your balance. If you are time poor and working on improving your insulin sensitivity, then HIIT training is excellent. If you are looking to reduce your cortisol levels and calm your adrenals, gentle, mindful yoga might be your solution.”

Linda Moon is a freelance health, travel and lifestyle writer and a qualified naturopath based in Katoomba, NSW
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