Which Magnesium To Take?

Did you know half the population is depleted in magnesium? Why? Well, magnesium is one of the first nutrients our body chew through when we are stressed! Here is a little run down on the different types and what to look for in a supplement. Supplements should only be taken after a consult with your nutritionist as some supplements interfere with medications.

Magnesium citrate - do you struggle with pebble pooping? chronic constipation, this form of magnesium is for you. Bowel movements are very important for daily detoxification. I bring a bottle every time I travel.

Magnesium malate - Do you have low energy and fatigue? This is the magnesium for you but does not take after midday as it is too energising. It is great for blood pressure, bone health, and hormone support.

Magnesium threonate - It crosses the blood-brain barrier and therefore improves learning and memory functions; helps with age-related cognitive decline.

Magnesium sulphate - Epson salts are in this form. Great for external use (such as baths). Do not drink this as it can cause severe diarrhea. Some People don't tolerate this form of magnesium very well.


Not recommended:

Magnesium aspartate - Studies show that it does not dissolve well in water, its bioavailability is therefore low.

Magnesium stearate - Used as a coating agent in supplements, not soluble in water, therefore should be avoided.

Magnesium oxide - Only has 4% bioavailability and can cause negative reactions. Companies that use it tend to add other low-quality ingredients.

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