Thoughts on Sirtfood Diet

Michele says it's no surprise that people may see rapid weight loss if they're restricting their calorie intake, particularly during that first week of the diet, but says she's very wary about encouraging people to count calories.

She does, however, see a huge benefit in increasing your intake of sirtuin-rich foods, saying any diet rich in whole foods without added sugars will be beneficial for your health.

She adds, "Sirtfoods activate fat burning, but also promote muscle growth, maintenance, and repair. Eating food naturally rich in sirtuin activators may be healthier, more effective – and cheaper – alternative to polyphenol supplements."

So there you have it. While the Sirtfood diet has the right idea in encouraging the increase of whole foods we should consume,its encouragement of calorie counting isn't necessarily the healthiest approach you could take when it comes to your wellness journey.

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