7 Days Ways To...Boost Your Metabolism


7 Days Ways To…Boost Your Metabolism

Monday - Lowering your food intake can actually slow your metabolism down rather than tiring it up. Instead of thinking about the quantity of food you are eating, try to focus on the quality. Make sure most of your diet consists of whole foods.

Tuesday - Reduce triglyceride levels by cutting down on refined carbohydrates and increasing your daily intake of dark green vegetables. Repair abnormally elevated levels of these fats and the boy will use fat storage for energy more effectively.

Wednesday - The body can develop negative feedback messages from inadequate protein in our daily diet. Consider high-protein snacks between your protein-packed meals. Opt for walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cheese, and natural yogurts.

Thursday - Include avocado and asparagus in your meals. These vegetables are full of the amino acid L-carnitine, which plays a critical role in the metabolism of fats. Meat, peanuts, and dairy are also excellent sources of L-carnitine.

Friday - It isn't called "beauty sleep" for nothing. Harvard researcher Charles Czeisler found that when restricted to four hours of sleep a night for two weeks, 18-years-olds performed more like 60-year-olds when it came to metabolising glucose.

Saturday - Hydrate your cells. The body needs water to process calories and even mild dehydration can slow down metabolism. Adding a twist of lemon or lime will help increase alkalinity in the body, often improving uptake of water into cells.

Sunday - The anthocyanidins from berries, resveratrol from grapes, capsaicin from chili, and catechins from green tea have a thermogenic effect. That is the ability to speed up your metabolism by the simple act of consuming them!

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