Hormones use to control my moods, weight and made me chaotic!

· cortisol – the stress hormone – affects blood sugar levels, blood pressure and the immune system. When we feel stress, cortisol releases glucose. Too much cortisol causes fat to be stored on the belly.

· insulin – the fat-storage controller – allows glucose entering cells to be used as energy. If there’s too much glucose or the system is faulty, it’s stored as fat. Chronically high insulin levels increase oestrogen and may lead to insulin resistance.[1]

· serotonin – the feel-good hormone – the mood stabiliser everyone wants to know more about. It not only affects our mood, but our sleep as well.

· thyroid hormone – the queen of metabolism – affects metabolism, energy, weight and mood.

· leptin – the hormone of hunger – signals when we’ve had enough to eat. If it’s unbalanced, it sends hunger signals even when we don’t need to eat.

· testosterone – the hormone of vitality – affects energy, libido and lean muscle mass in men and women.

· oestrogen – the protective hormone – produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands and fat cells. It affects brain function, the monthly cycle, skin elasticity, libido and mood.

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What do hormones do?


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