BMI? A waist/waste of time?


BMI? A waist/waste of time?

So should you measure your waist circumference, your BMI, or both as an indicator of your health?

While it’s better to combine BMI with waist circumference rather than using BMI alone waist circumference came out on top in the 2018 study the waist-to-height ratio, with the recommendation being to aim for a waist circumference that’s less than half your height, to lower your disease risk is also a better indicator than just your BMI. 

Focusing solely on “numbers” or “measurements” doesn’t always tell the full story, or produce the desired effect.

Research indicates that telling someone they’re overweight or at risk because of their weight, is not a particularly effective tool for triggering positive behaviour change – plus, it can lead people to adopt unhealthy bebehaviourso lose weight rather than seeking our nutritionist or books that lead to a lifetime of wellbeing. 

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