Four hacks to stay slim and healthy everyday at Guzman y Gomez

Olay! I am crazy about Mexican … the spice, the flavour, the fun factor. Guzman y Gomez you have been a hot topic of discussion with my foodie healthy friends and other nutritionists.  Whilst your food is seriously yummy, we can make it even healthier and for those that are watching their waist lines here are three top hacks that will not disrupt your tastebuds.

1. Burrito Bowls Madness - opt for the low carb option of the burrito bowl.  The actual burrito provides little nutritional bang for the calories expense.  So wack all the the protein, veggies and some nutrient dense carbs like beans or brown rice into the bowl and top up with some of their amazing guacamole.

2. Spice it Up - healthy food is often considered boring and tasteless.  Let your taste buds come alive and add the pico de gallo (fresh chopped salsa) or their salsa and even a few of their juicy limes.  There is often a condiments station full of flavour without any nasties.

3. Gluten Free Frenzy - Mexican food can be a joy for those of us with digestive issues like bloating, gas, and painful tummies. There are many gluten free options. A corn taco provides that crunch factor and the shell pocket allows for satiating protein to be packed in the middle.

4. Skip the Drinks - If you want to eat here often - that is fine!  Chose wisely and chose variety, but skip the soft drinks or fruity drinks and opt for sparkling water. Fast food can be good food.  This is not a paid endorsement, I don’t event know the owner.  I just understand that sometimes we need to have ‘grab & go’ options.

Article by Michele Chevalley Hedge, Nutritionist and founder of A Healthy View

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