To Carb or Not to Carb

Making the decision to do 28 days in The Healthy Hormone Diet book does NOT mean you can never eat a carb again!

The goal of any health change should be to learn what feels best for your body! 

To heal it if it needs healing, and to find a plan that works for your long term weight and wellbeing goals. For most of us, that means working carbs into our lives in specific ways.

For example: those who exercise at high intensity may find some carbs daily after their work out to be helpful, or some of us may find that some carbs at lunch are the exact fuel they need to be a busy productive employee at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. What creates a more sustainable lifestyle for you?  If you are over 40 (metabolically slowing down), pre diabetic, sensitive to insulin, or have a sluggish thyroid you will really have to become aware on how your body reacts to carbs. The goal of your health plan ultimately should be metabolic flexibility, the freedom to eat in a way that feels good but with a little giving room. Don’t let your nutrition put you into food jail  or carb phobia - where you feel trapped and unable to make decisions.

For me, I love eating some carbs once a day either at lunch or breakfast.  I love sweet potatoes so I am going to eat sweet potatoes. I just won’t eat them three times a day I feel good when I eat them and other root veggies like pumpkin, beets, and carrots and then I go back to my green, low starch veggies at other meals.  

Holy Sweet Potato Burger - Recipe in The Healthy Hormone Diet Book If you happen to go on a carb bender, stop beating yourself up. Ask yourself why?  Are you tired? Angry at someone? Need to find a micro habit that creates calm in your life? Why would you beat yourself up with a carb overload often packed with hidden sugars? It’s not a treat to bing on crap and feel bad about yourself and feel your energy sink, your mood fall, your libido dive and more.

Enjoy some carbs, in moderation.  Stop the guilt thing and the excuse thing.  Choose tasty, healthy, easy options that are repeatable and ‘crowd out the junk’ of the past.  That is so eating good food becomes repeatable, do-able and a habit is formed.


Simple Spicy Slaw
Chicken Vegetable Soup


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