Want flat abs? Here’s what to eat and what to avoid.

Along with the right exercise the quest for flat abs often hinges on what you’re eating

Most of us want flat abs but often the kinds of foods we are eating get in the way of achieving that goal (yes, even with the help of copious amounts of stomach crunches!). If you want to be rocking a flat tummy this summer, then it's time to make some diet tweaks starting now.

Don’t combine fruit and protein

Don’t get us wrong, fruit and protein are both essential for good health but combining the both of them can lead to tummy troubles. “Protein takes time to break down in the digestive system, is a long burner, and provides satiation. However a piece of fruit is a fast burning carbohydrate. Sometimes the combination of the two foods together create havoc in the gut - not for all but for many,” says nutritionist and founder of A Healthy View Michele Chevalley Hedge.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

A constipated bowel leads to a bloated tummy. “To maintain optimum digestion drink plenty of water, exercise daily, and eat fibrous fruit, vegetables and whole real, nutrient-dense food,” says Chevalley Hedge. It sounds simple, and yes you’ve heard it before but fruits and vegetables are key to not only feeling great but looking great.

Watch your intake of wheat products

How you start your day can often impact the state of your abs. “If you start the day with flat abs and don’t want ab bloat by 10 am then skip the bread,” says Chevalley Hedge. “I try not to ‘discriminate’ against any food groups however it is often the wheat in heavily processed foods that make us go from flat tummy to puffy tummy in minutes. It is often foods that we have sensitivities to that create a bloated stomach - it doesn’t mean we are allergic to them, it just simply means our body isn’t loving that food group at the moment."

Skip the fast food

There’s no getting around it – if you want a flat tummy you’re going to have to stay away from fast food. “Many fast foods are loaded with sugar, trans fats, and are very low in fibre. This means that you are not getting the vitamins Bs that convert tryptophan to serotonin which slows digestion (a major cause of tummy bloat) and creates blood sugar dysregulation which leads to weight gain.”

Keep alcohol to a minimum

Not only are alcoholic beverages high in calories, but drinking one drink can often lead to drinking many, and before you know it you’ve just drunk a lot of empty calories for not much benefit. Aim to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum.

Minimise your sugar intake

The bad gut bacteria, candida loves sugar. It is hard to get flat abs if your gut is full of bad bacteria causing poor digestion, flatulence and bloating. Watch your sweet tooth and avoid high sugar foods such as soft drinks and lollies. BY body+soul
Forget detox. Nourish yourself.
Kick-start your day with lemon and water


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