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Sleep Medication and Cognitive Decline - The Research

I am a nutritional medicine practitioner and not a naysayer when it comes to medication. I am forever saying, ‘Thank goodness for modern medicine’. I have even been known to take a sleeping tablet when travelling overseas to get in the rhythm of the country I am visiting. Until now. This new research on over-the-counter and prescription sleep medicines is scary, and I try to do everything I can to protect my brain from brain fog and mental health concerns.

What is the research behind cognitive …

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staff wellbeing in schools

The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Staff Wellbeing in Schools: Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices

I'm going to just say it - staff wellbeing in schools is not just important - it can be a game-changer to create a positive culture in the entire school community! Imagine a thriving educational institution where incredible staff members are bursting with happiness, good health, and motivation.

The result? Soaring productivity, flourishing quality education, and a nurturing environment created by their newfound energy and personal wellbeing.

But the reality is that teachers and school staff en…

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boost productivity

3 Pillars Of Workplace Wellbeing That Boost Productivity & Performance

Mini squiz quiz?- How can you boost productivity in your business? Is there really a connection between health and high performance?

Let’s step into the corporate health arena, where being awake, energised and zesty at 4 o’clock is a well-envied quality for those of us seeking a micro-sleep. 

The path to business employee energy productivity and brain clarity is not a special vitamin. It's all about the Fab Three – good nutrition, solid sleep, and the all-important gut health ( gut-brain-cogni…

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