Re-think Breakfast

No time for breakfast?  Be prepared for the consequences. According to Bloomberg’s report, teens that skip breakfast are actually at an increased risk of becoming obese. If you or your children are skipping breakfast, it is quite likely they are grabbing fast muffins, fast food, or vending machine junk when hunger does strike. Does this sound familiar? Research has shown that those kids who choose to skip breakfast eat more sugary-laden foods, get 10-15% of their calories from sugary drinks and are more likely to gain weight, get diabetes, heart disease and non fatty alcohol liver disease in early life. They are also more likely to suffer from mood swings, experience problems focusing and paying attention during school, have a myriad of learning deficits and are more likely to suffer from feelings of depression, anxiety and sometimes even aggression. Poor food choices may therefore be seen to be creating ‘self esteem bombs’ in our kids. If you are currently skipping breakfast I want you to reconsider adding it back into your daily routine. These breakfast ideas will take you less than five minutes to prepare, I mean come on, this is less time than it takes to read your facebook or emails! Bring back brekkie!

‘Clean’ Muesli:  Contains seeds, nuts, shredded coconut, but without dried fruit, additives and preservative. Add your own fresh fruit if you would like but dried fruit often has preservatives and is packed with sugar, so it is best avoided. Add your choice of milk (watch for added sugar in non cow milk varieties).

Berry Buzz:  Plain greek yogurt, seeds, nuts, and top with fresh or frozen berries. Simply stir and enjoy.

Crack it, Wrap it:   Boil two eggs the night before, in the morning crack it, then wrap it in a tortilla with rocket or lettuce, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Avocado, Cheese Toast:  Pick your favourite grainy bread, a cheese of your choice (goats cheese would be healthiest) and avocado. Make it a sandwich if you need to transport on the run.

Smoothie:   ½ cup frozen fruit of your choice, ¾ cup of dairy or almond milk, ½ tsp of vanilla extract, add ½ tsp of coconut oil. Bananas that are turning brown are great for the freezer and will naturally sweeten your smoothie!

Cali Cauli with Mint Salsa Verde
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