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Fertility & Pregnancy Lifestyle Program Radio Interview with eRadio, NYC, USA and Michele Chevalley Hedge Founder of A Healthy View and creator of the Fertility and Pregnancy Lifestyle Program.

What makes your program different to others out there? There are not many programs in the USA or the world that currently nutritionally support people wanting to get pregnant or that are pregnant. There are many great cook books, food bloggers talking about mums and bubs, but we combine food with our evidence based, clinical knowledge on the best nutrients needed for fertility and pregnancy. We created a program and a meal plan around that evidence. I am a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner, author of two international wellness books, and I have recently been awarded Highly Commended Nutritionist of the Year by the ATMS. Simone is a nutritional counsellor and wholefood chef and this type of partnership creates one amazing program. We are also mums who have gone through our own fertility/pregnancy issues. We get how to make this work in the real world without an extreme approach but in an uncomplicated, fun approach.

What should someone expect from the program?

  • 28 days of fertility and pregnancy nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • You register for the program - $89 which is less that a coffee per day!
  • You receive your welcome kit and how to prepare, stock up and get excited for the 4 week journey
  • It is delivered in short, informative daily emails along with recipes and videos
  • There is also a private Facebook site that allow lots of ideas, recipes, food products, and questions
  • It is an online program with a personal touch points due to our highly-qualified team

Why is food so important to fertility and pregnancy? Good nutrition can dampen down inflammation which could be the one big factor standing between you and a healthy pregnancy.  A well-balanced diet full of whole, real foods in a combination of protein, quality fats, and sustaining carbohydrates can underpin hormones, immune system, mental function and every biochemical process we need to put our bodies in excellent health for fertility and pregnancy.

What is your favourite thing about the program? After many years of working with adults and children to help correct health issues, I love that this program can give a baby the best opportunity at a clean start which can in turn set them up for a healthy life. We love emails and real stories from our clients who have had a trouble getting pregnant like Steph who I talk about in my upcoming book. She had PCOS and didn’t think she would ever have children. She now has three!

Who should do this program? Anyone that is considering getting pregnant or who is pregnant. With the information gained from the program you can rest assure that you will be as well informed as you could possibly be without having to be ‘perfect’, cook long recipes, and have a PhD in fertility! We make it simple!

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