Don't Discriminate Against Dairy & Gluten

Listen to Michele's radio interview (bottom of this blog). Do not discriminate against Dairy and Gluten. Let’s bring back the love of food.   As a nutritional medicine practitioner, I see people eliminating entire food groups because they think they might be ‘unhealthy’ - especially gluten and dairy.  Whilst these foods may be the culprit in sensitive tummies, allergies, inflammation and more… the key word is MAY!  So if you suspect this is the case rather than eliminate try these simple options:  

If dairy is a suspected issue:
  1. Try a2 milk, we see many patients being able to tolerate this milk possibly because it doesn't have a1 protein.  A1 may be the inflammatory factor.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try almond or coconut milks.

If gluten is suspected issue:
  1. Try eliminating just the wheat instead of the entire gluten range.  Gluten is wheat, rye, oats and barley.  Perhaps just wheat is the issue.
  2. If this does’t improve things, then go ahead and try for 1-2 weeks removing wheat, rye, oats and barley.  Then add one group back in at a time (eg bring back oats for one week).  Check in with yourself.  Did anything change?  If not great and add another group, like barley.

Connect your own nutritional dots.  What feeds your brain, energy and weight?

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