Easter Treats - Keep Gorgeous from Going Grumpy

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Happy Easter my friends.  Oh how I love Easter with the coolness in the air and the time with our families. I love to think of people and kiddies indulging and enjoying delicious treats.  I am a big fan of ‘bring back the love of food.’  When I say indulging, I mean in a moderate way.  We have all seen excess or been part of it ourselves…we are happy and joyful one minute enjoying our chocolates or jelly beans and one hour later we have gone from GORGEOUS TO GRUMPY.

No it wasn’t a hormonal swing, it was merely our blood sugar rocketing off the scales and then plummeting.  It is feeling good and then a state of brain fog, sore tummy, and zero energy.  I think I see you shaking your head and saying… Michele knows me too well.

Well if it is hard for us, think about our poor kids.  They get teary, tired, unravelled and often act out and they don’t even know the sugar and the preservatives have set them up for a disaster.  Even worse, then our poor kids feel bad cause we have said to them… "Why have you ripped off the bunnies ears of little Sally's new toy” or something like this. This then leads to GRUMPY, and bad feelings about himself and around and around we go and its not around a mulberry bush but a self esteem vortex. So what do we do?  Lets get cooking, baking, and shopping for some other kinds of treats.  Yes indulge a bit but include these snacks that taste so naughty but they are so nutritionally nice that no one will know they are ‘healthy’. Enjoy.

4 Easter Treats the Kids won't know are Healthy:

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