7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

Enjoy the sample weekly menu to help beat inflammation and pain (global-pain-index-nutritionist-diet-plan). This menu is low in sugar and gluten and high in whole, unprocessed food. Make sure to include adequate protein in each meal to keep you going and lots and lots of vegetables. Add turmeric, cinnamon and ginger to foods and drinks to boost anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants. Make sure you drink around two litres of water or herbal teas a day. Reduce sugary carbohydrates such as sport drinks, fruit juice, sweetened yogurt, ‘healthy muesli bars’, soft drinks, bread, pasta and white rice, they interfere with our blood sugar regulation causing inflammation, low mood and low energy.

Tip: - Minimise processed foods. Think whole, real food as often as possible, food that is unpackaged and unprocessed. Include protein and fibre in every meal for satiety and weight loss. Include two pieces of fruit a day but avoid fruit juice which is very high in fructose.

Tip: - Swap your boring processed carbohydrates such as bread and pasta for chickpea, legumes, quinoa, and sweet potato, garlic mash or roast a variety of seasonal vegetables (beetroot, onions, pumpkin, parsnips, swedes) and store in the fridge. Add these to salads and frittatas or simple scrambled eggs.

Tip: - Prebiotic foods to feed your healthy gut bacteria: - garlic, onion, leek, shallots, spring onion, asparagus, beetroot, fennel bulb, green peas, snow peas, sweetcorn, savoy cabbage, chickpeas, lentils, red kidney beans, soybeans, cashews, pistachio nuts, watermelon, grapefruit, pomegranate

Tip: - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Set yourself up right for the day with the correct fuel to help you focus and perform at your best. If you are time-poor, prepare it the night before in a container that you can grab and run. Quick, low sugar breakfast ideas take less time to prepare than reading your morning Facebook messages or email inbox! CLICK here for our 7 day nutritious plan - global-pain-index-nutritionist-diet-plan

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Paprika Chicken with White Wine Butter Thyme Sauce


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