To Eat Grains & Gluten ...or NOT?


Are grains making us fat, bloated, constipated? Didn’t the old food pyramid tell us to eat 6-11 servings a day? Oh my, food confusion is everywhere and needs to be simplified.

In most western diets, grain or grain products which contain a lot of gluten are the main source of calories. Toast, sandwiches, cereals, muffins, pizza, crackers and pasta are the go to for many people and I understand why. They are easy, accessible and affordable. But we need to know more about the abundance of grains on our health and how to create a nutritious plan with a sensible amount of protein, fat and carbs in the form of grains.


The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet - 4 weeks lifestyle and recipe plan to improve your weight, mood and energy includes grains. They can be a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Non gluten grains like brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and millet are recommended in the book as they are less inflammatory and will not send blood sugar rocketing up like processed wheat flour found in main stream bread. Many grains, such as wheat, have a high glycemic index and have been processed to the point of frankenfood (scary food without nutrients and often sprayed with a questionable pesticide).

A small amount of non gluten grains at breakfast and lunch is perfectly aligned with the Healthy Hormone Diet. The recipes in the book combine these grains with vegetables and quality, satiating fat to keep your digestion easy and your energy high. Grains can act like sugar in your body and we can use that for energy but in moderation. For those of us who are sitting at a desk during the day, one to two serves a day is plenty for our energy requirements.


Trust me, I don't want anyone to feel better when eliminating foods. I am Italian, I love all food! But this is one thing to eliminate during the 4 week rebalance and it is so you can see and feel if there is a difference in your body, brain and energy. The reality is more than 74% of our clients go ‘clean gluten free” after the 4 week hormone rebalance plan because they claim their digestion, energy and body functions better without it or very small, occasion ’treat’ doses of it. “Clean gluten free’ simply means choosing food items that are naturally gluten free and not full of a lot of fillers, preservatives and ingredients we cannot pronounce.

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