Collagen & Gelatin… Hidden Beauties and Skin Health Gems

What is the difference between collagen and gelatin?

Both collagen and gelatine are derived from the same source so they both have a excellent amino acid profile. Very anti-inflammatory as well which makes them useful for so many modern day complains. Gelatin is simply the collagen that is found in bones and tissues processed down-partial hydrolysis. It can make digestion of this protein more absorbable and easier to tolerate.

Collagen is an insoluble protein that makes up 1/3  of our body and especially our skin. That is why we are seeing it in so many beauty products. It is made up of many amino acids, found in muscle meats and many of us are not getting that in our diets - especially if we are vegan or vegetarian.

While collagen is in many beauty product that kind of collagen isn’t often a absorbed through the skin. We often need to digest it and absorb it through our gut to realise it’s true potential.

Collagen and gelatin are found in bone broth and good quality supplements.

It is beneficial for:

  • Hair, skin and nails
  • Joint health
  • Ageing gracefully by support skin elasticity.
  • improve digestion
  • Additional protein source.

Our favourite is supplements: - They make a good vegan marine collagen powder too that is easy to digest. Begin with 1 tsp and work your way up to 2 tsp per day should be ample in conjunction with good nutrition and The Healthy Hormone Diet. 


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