How To Overhaul Your Diet in 7 Days


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“Take this journey with me this week by layering on one new habit a day,” says nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge. “Change the itsy-bitsy daily habits, which are so small they won’t feel painful, and will therefore become repeatable.”

Get prepped: Planning and shopping for the week ahead will not only keep your diet on track, it will also give you a sense of calm about eating well. Seeking out a meal while hungry means you’ll likely reach for the easiest, and less healthy, option.

Mind your macros: Keep your nutrition simple. Eat real, whole foods (not packaged and processed) in a combo of good fats, quality protein and smart carbs – macronutrients that contain all the vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and fibre your body needs.

Drink up: It’s common to confuse hunger with thirst, so always carry water and take a sip when you feel a pang. The extra fibre from those whole foods needs the H2O to keep you regular, and your skin will thank you, too.

Snack less: If you eat a good breakfast, a macro-filled lunch, and a protein-packed dinner, you’ll be so nourished that snacking will be a thing of the past. If you do snack, opt for a piece of fruit, veg with hummus or guacamole, or some seeds and nuts.

Substitute sugar and salt: It goes without saying that you should limit these in your diet. Instead, tempt your tastebuds with a strong-flavored tea: sweet tooths, try cinnamon, liquorice or lemongrass; salt fans, try chai, dandelion, green, or ginger.

Forecast your weekend: The common thread among the healthiest people is their energy and planning skills for meals, sleep, exercise, and stress relief. This doesn’t mean they don’t overindulge, but when they do, they have a plan to get back on track

Feed your mind: Nourishment isn’t just about the food you put into your body, it’s also about feeding your mind. Consider how you’ve talked to yourself this week, and pump up your forgiving, no-guilt thought cycle for the week ahead.

Can you make a real difference to your diet in just a week? According to nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge,
the answer is a resounding “Yes”. We all know that what we eat affects our sleep quality, energy levels, and
overall mindset, so the real question is what are you waiting for? Get ready for a vitality boost…

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