Wellbeing - A Corporate Strategic Priority

Wellbeing - A Corporate Strategic Priority

Amplify AMP returns in 2019: discover your limitless potential.

What is Amplify about?  

At this time of rapid change, traditional business models, old modes of thinking, and legacy systems will be no match for the next generation of AI-powered businesses. To compete with organisations of the future, we need to shift our thinking today, adopt an exponential mindset and question what we are doing and why.

What is Michele Chevalley Hedge speaking about….

There is a common theme emerging amongst the productive, profitable corporates worldwide - and it’s not just their innovations and ability to disrupt or pivot. Corporate Wellbeing is emerging as a key strategy and investment to not only attract good talent, but to keep this ‘good talent’ mentally well, physically energised, and emotionally resilient.  Programs and tools on nutrition and sleep, mental health, mindfulness, and stress management, as well as changes to culture and leadership behaviours are being done to support these efforts.

The company of the future is looking at “Limitless” potential – the disruptors and the innovators. The AI investors are going to require employees who can relearn, re-skill, and be mentally and physically fit. Every employee or potential employee needs to ensure they build up their “health equity”. This environment is a highly competitive environment and employees want to know if you're capable of relearning, reskilling, and being mentally fit and physically fit as progressive companies pivot, innovate, and disrupt.  Employees need to show up every day, not just on important days, with vitality, curiosity, energy, mental sharpness, and emotional acuity --- not just at 10 am but at 4 pm as well. It is impossible to do that if we are not nourishing ourselves with whole real food, proper sleep, moderate exercise, and micro-stress controllers.  

Wellbeing and health are everything. “All the money in the world and you cannot buy back your health”. Steve Jobs and Kerry Packer, sadly, had all the money in the world.  Nutrition, sleep, and exercise are the trifectas of wellbeing. Add stress reduction as a star on the top of the wellbeing triangle and you are equipped to be an open-minded, creative, leading employee who can handle a dynamic workspace. If you’re really filling your wellbeing cup, you should have enough in the tank for when you get home to the people you love. That alone creates another level of wellbeing that the workplace benefits from…. happy people. We need employees to be happy at home and in the workplace!

The employee of the future will protect their wellbeing as their number one asset. There is something about these people, they don’t go around boasting “I am mentally and physically fit.” They guard their nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mediation or stress busters with their life… they do not compromise or apologise for them. They just do them, humbly, quietly, every day because they know it makes them a vibrant, energised, and thinking human. 

The flourishing corporations of the future will drive strategies to create wellbeing.  It will be a strategic priority that will improve their engagement, retention, profits, culture, and more. They will just make it happen, humbly, quietly, and often, because they know that this is what allows them to create, innovate, lead, and be ‘limitless’.

Who is doing this well in Australia?  How are they doing it and what are their biggest obstacles?  Come join me and a host of extraordinary thinkers and speakers this week at this world-class event.

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