Can’t lose weight? Tired but Wired? Cortisol overload? Anxiety? Stop beating yourself up… it might be your hormones are out of whack.


If you are yet to pick up a copy my book, The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet, ICMI has provided a little snippet for you to enjoy here!

Can't lose weight? Moody? Sleep deprivation?

STOP beating yourself up! Maybe your hormones need a bit of nutritional tweaking. In only a few short pages you will see yourself, family members and friends in REAL case studies and stories of change in this easy to follow and very ‘do-able’ book. This book is based on true stories of busy, time poor clients of Michele’s. Get inspired by David, 51, IT executive who gets a shock when he finds out his blood pressure is rocketing along with cholesterol and waistline and how he fixes it in 4 weeks! Read about Stephanie whose stressful job contributed to her grab-and-go food choices and poor sleep patterns – a risk factor in insulin resistance. Relate to Barbara's hormonal roller coaster with cortisol and why that created a big muffin top. Real people, real stories, amazing changes. 

The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet is a 4-week reset with recipes and eating plans to help reduce weight, increase energy and improve mood.

This four-week plan encompasses nutritional and lifestyle changes to help get your life - and your hormones - back on track. Each day of the plan features tailored advice and a nourishing recipe to help your body 'reset' so that you once again feel energised and fighting fit. Michele also provides tips on how to make positive, lasting changes to your lifestyle that will stay with you long after the four weeks are over. Enjoy an excerpt of The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet by clicking the PDF link on the ICMI website now.

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