Move Over Sugar there is a new sweetener in town - not stevia - monk fruit

I know the ins and outs and insanity of sugar overload.  

I am the author of Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies and a Nutrition Medicine Practitioner. If you’re reading this article you also know the dangers of sugar on your physical and mental health. But we still wonder how to have a bit of 'sweet' without the mood altering, blood sugar dysregulation of sugar or bitter aftertaste of stevia or some artificial sugar? I have a very strong intuition and my research says Monk fruit will be replace stevia and artificial sweeteners over the next few years. Monk what?  Monk Fruit.

 I have been watching this sweetener from the remote mountain of China for the last 7 years. It is also known as Luo Han Guo and has been consumed by for hundreds of years in China. It is deliciously sweet without all the added calories of sugar. Procter & Gamble took notice of this product two years ago. Starbucks have just introduced monk fruit as well. People love it because like stevia it is natural but it does not have the stevia aftertaste.

Monk Fruit is so sweet it only needs a little bit to give a big hit of sweet! For example a cup of sweetened yogurt can reduce its sugar content by 5 teaspoons just with half a teaspoon of monk fruit concentrate. Where can we find it in Australia and New Zealand?


  • GPA Wholefoods – Monk Fruit Concentrate
  • Helping Humans Beverages
  • Pumpy Jackson Super Chocolate
  • The Chocolate Counter
  • Woolworths Australia – Reduced Sugar Multigrain Cereal with Seeds and Nuts – This product has been awarded ‘Product of the Year’ 2016 in Australia.

New Zealand

  • Clean & Sweet – Chocolate Milk
  • Hansells Food Group Ltd – Vitafresh fruit drinks for kids
  • Inline Nutrition (range of Whey protein powder)
  • PHD Juices and Mylks
  • Cashew Mocha
  • Choc Cashew
  • Zesty Lemonade

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