6 Proven Weight Loss Mistakes

Mistake #1    Avoiding fat so you don’t get fat

Let's dispel this myth right now.  Fat will NOT make you fat.  Trans fat is not good for you but saturated fats and unsaturated fats will protect your nerve cells, produce hormones, keep your cell membrane healthy, and help you absorb vitamins A, D, E,K.  Fat will turn on the signal in your brain that you are full, and satisfied.

Mistake #2    Having a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet helps reduce your cholesterol

ONLY 25% of your cholesterol is from food; your liver and other cells produce the mass majority of it!  Most of your cholesterol issues are due to how your liver is functioning.  If your digestion is sluggish and poor, most likely your cholesterol will be high.  Carbs turn to sugar and create inflammation.  That inflammation fires up your arterial walls, so if you’re worried about cholesterol then ditch the unhealthy carbs.

Mistake #3    Artificial sweeteners help you lose weight

Fake sugar makes you fat.  Why?  Aspartame used in sugar-free foods may have zero calories but the sweet taste sends false messages to the brain.  The brain expects sweetness and changes its biochemistry which actually leads to weight gain.

Mistake #4    Whole grains are always good for you

Yes, whole grains are better than white bread and pasta but …. whole grains still break down to sugar.  They contribute to weight gain and insulin resistance when consumed too often.  When we are cleansing we use non-gluten whole grains but only in the morning and at lunch occasionally. Why?  Because we don’t need excess sugar at night when we are ready to go to bed.

Mistake #5    Fish is a better choice than red meat

Fish is great food.  But if it is farmed it might have eaten a lot of antibiotics, have less Omega 3, less protein, and more inflammation-causing fatty acids.  Grass-fed beef is rich in vitamins and amino acids and essential fatty acids.  So if your choice is between farmed fish and grass feed beef say 'moo'!

Mistake #6    Eating fewer calories will help me lose weight

Five hundred calories of Tim Tams isn’t the same as 500 calories of a large piece of marinated chicken breast.  When people are on our Cleanse At Home, the most common comment we get is ..…"How is it possible that we can eat so much food but lose so much weight?"  Because a calorie of sugar or unrefined carbs isn’t the same as a calorie of flavoursome proteins, brain-satiating fats, and nutrient-dense veggies.

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