Quick, Low Sugar Breakfast Ideas

“Come along if Happiness is what you want… it might seem crazy what I’m ‘bout to say...”

A happy, healthy, lean body, beautiful hair, good moods, and the ability to concentration starts with your morning meal. Don’t have time for a healthy breakfast? I promise my quick, low sugar breakfast ideas take less time to prepare than reading your morning Facebook messages or email inbox! Let me share with you the key component for any busy executive, hard working mum, and frantic teenager who woke up too late.

  1. Prepare it the night before e.g. Hard boil eggs
  2. Shop for ‘clean foods’ right from Woollies ( notice all items are accessible and affordable) : quality grain bread, no sugar added nut butters, A2 Milk, Almond Milk, seeds , nuts, fruit free muesli, Greek yogurt, frozen berries, avocado, goats cheese or any cheese, coconut and olive oil, baby spinach, and wraps.
  3. Have containers or napkins or wax paper that you can use as grab & go.
  4. Make it tasty, if its not , then you aren’t going to be enticed to do it again.  Recipes in my book Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies.
  5. Don’t take an extreme view on food and sugar… just take A Healthy View...
Breakfast Beauty Bar
Only Goodness Mouthfuls - OMG!!!


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