S3 Ep 02 Radically good ways to fix belly fat at menopause


Learn simple ways to shift unwelcome kilos – they're radically good, because they are so very doable, and don’t involve dieting!

Nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge, author of Eat, Drink and Still Shrink, shares smart hacks to ‘nudge the dial’ towards better health, just by gently tweaking your regular daily habits into better, lighter ones.

Michele will discuss her ‘gin and sonic’ and other not-so-guilty pleasures! As she explains, once you start making these small everyday changes, you’ll not only notice your waistband loosen, but you’ll also rediscover that youthful spark of energy and vitality.

Want to grab a copy of Michele’s book? Get it here at Prevention’s Booktopia Book Club!

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