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PCOS is recognised as the most common endocrine disorder for women in reproductive years around the world....What does this mean and what is going on? There is something very scary going on and it needs to be discussed with all young women urgently. Sugar is not only affecting blood sugar, mood swings, energy levels, immune system and weight but it could very well be affecting your fertility.

I would like to share one story that is weaving a common, frightening thread amongst women who are looking to a becoming mums. We are seeing in our clinical practice and cleanses, young women who have been told they have PCOS and their story often goes like this… "I have spent the last ten years trying to NOT get pregnant. What a nightmare trying to figure out the right pill, IUD, daisy, rod, or uncomfortable condom to use to be safe. Eighteen months ago, my partner and decided the time was right to have a bub. After coming off the pill for 8 months and having spotting and no real period, I consulted my GP. After a few blood tests and an ultra sound he told me I had PCOS- Poly Cyctic Ovary Syndrome. He was unsure of the cause, felt I should go on Metfomin, and perhaps see someone at the IVF clinic.  I sobbed all the way home only seeing tiny babies and big pregnant bellies for the next month. I had no idea that PCOS could have something to do with my diet.”

So what does sugar have to do with life altering diagnosis? Excess sugar especially in the form of added processed sugars can lead to too much sugar in the blood caused IR insulin resistance and  DM diabetes mellitus, weight gain, inflammation, hormonal disturbances. Many PCOS women have abnormal glucose metabolism in addition to menstrual fluctuation ovulation, hirsutism, and acne.

Diabetes and insulin resistance are easily diagnosed yet the concerns for these as a precursor for PCOS has been under appreciated. Insulin resistance be a very important marker as a risk factor for PCOS. Insulin resistance is something that is easily treatable with diet and lifestyle. We treat and rebalance insulin levels every day in our clinics, programs and cleanses- we go low sugar, slow carbs, clean protein and quality fats.

Nothing extreme as extreme dieting does not work and only creates a bounce back with an extra kilo or two. Poly Cystic Ovary Disease seems like a very scary diagnosis for those hoping to start a family, some women and their partners believe they will never become pregnant. However in a large percentage of young women ‘disease’ is more like a condition that may be improved and rectified with diet and lifestyle. In fact, The National Institutes of Health convened to present and discuss information on PCOS. The proposed should more accurately reflect the condition and Metabolic Reproductive Syndrome is being proposed. That says something when a leading health organisation wants to change the name of a disease so it more accurately reflects the causative factors.

Contraception is often the first line management for menstrual abnormalities, hirsutism, acne in PCOS. Clomiphene is used for infertility and metformin for metabolic disturbances.  Modern medicine is wonderful but doesn’t it make sense that a nutrition plan be incorporated with every script for PCOS?

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