Wellbeing Is the Next Leadership Challenge

Wellbeing Is the Next Leadership Challenge

Prior to COVID-19, some progressive companies were embarking on corporate wellness strategies.  Companies like Accenture, Dexus, Deloitte, CBA, a2 Milk, ServiceNow were already embracing and benefiting from Nutrition, Wellbeing, and Lifestyle programs.  These programs educate employees on improvement in their nutrition, sleep, stress management, and movement as a means to increased productivity, strategic and creative thinking, effective communication, and mental wellbeing.   

“Leaders and corporates coming back post-pandemic will accelerate performance" if they provide a "social safety net" for their teams - not just financially but mentally and physically,” says Michele Chevalley Hedge from a Healthy View.

According to an article appearing in the Australian Financial Review this week, employee engagement, Peakon’s director, Luke Amundson, says the "mental health aspect of COVID is here to stay." Debbie Rigger, Head of HR at SAP, backs this up with, “We view health and wellbeing not only as key drivers in people's success but also an enabler for overall business performance.” 

"Successful wellness programs do not need to be complex, expensive, or burden on resources. We have implemented over 24 programs during the time of COVID and 100% of the evaluations from the employees remarked that our delivery, edutainment, follow up and take-aways help them improve their mental resilience, psychical wellbeing, sleep, energy and more."

Chevalley Hedge says: "At a Healthy View we are so confident in our Nutrition and Wellbeing Webinars and Keynotes, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to all corporates on our programs”. Our successful programs: Educate- don't preach; Provide micro-changes - no extremes; Discuss health not hassle; Share ‘do-able’ take-aways that do not require the expense or excessive time.

“I attended Michele’s talk titled ‘Energy, Vitality, and Happy Hormones - It’s all in your Food’, at the World Positive Education summit in Texas.  The title intrigued me because I strongly believe that nutrition has a huge impact on wellbeing. The talk was amazing -  Michele’s energetic style and clear messages on the importance of nutrition inspired me to ask her to speak to my leadership team in our company in Australia and now we have partnered with Michele to fill a missing link in our holistic wellbeing program.’ Robert (Bob) Easton, Chairman, and Senior Managing Director, Accenture Australia & New Zealand.

"The a2 Milk Company has embraced the importance of our employees' mental and physical wellbeing. The success and education on a digital platform were as good, if not better than having Michele present in person (due to our interstate and international employees). Her education, humour, and informative takeaways are what make her wellbeing platform unique. We are energised to keep working with Michele and her team in the future to benefit our community, productivity, connection, and overall wellbeing.“ Susan Massasso, Chief Growth and brand Manager, The a2 Milk Company.

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