The Science of Workplace Wellbeing

The Impact of Improving the Gut Biome on Mental Health & Brain Performance  

This short online program will edu-tain on how to improve your gut health and its link to cognitive function, anxiety, depression and mood disorders, and your performance at work. 

Qualifies for 2 CPD/CE* points.

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Focusing on your wellbeing and happiness isn’t just a good idea, it’s good for you, your health, and your work performance.

Are you working in a job where you want to perform better in your career than you currently are…

You want to THRIVE, not just feel like you’re just surviving?

Do you intuitively feel you have more to give to your career than what you are offering, but you are just unsure of the path to get there and afraid the change might require time, money and some form of lifestyle deprivation?

Life is too short to live with deprivation or burnout.

It is time to live our best personal and professional lives with JOY!


To transition from...

exhausted energised
brain fog brain focus
grumpy likeable
bloated confident
overfed  high performance
stress-head  stress master
self-doubting  poise
pessimistic  optimistic

The Science of Workplace Wellbeing online programs can help you do just that!

Plus you get CPD points upon completion!

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Is your gut health impacting your mental health and impacting performance?

Ah, the gut — often called the 'second brain,' and for good reason! 🦠🧠 Focusing on gut health isn't just about avoiding tummy troubles; it can seriously level-up your performance at work.

Here's how:

Mental Sharpness and Mood

Believe it or not, your gut is a chatterbox, constantly communicating with your brain through the gut-brain axis. A healthy gut means a happier, more focused you. Think of it as having an internal career coach, guiding you towards that promotion!

Energy Levels

A well-functioning gut ensures that you're absorbing nutrients from your food more efficiently.

The result? No more afternoon energy crashes. Imagine sailing through your workday like you've got your own personal wind at your back!

Immune System Boost

A robust gut boosts your immune system, which means fewer sick days.

More time in the office (or wherever you work best) equals more opportunities to shine!



Hi, I am Michele Chevalley Hedge, a nutritional medicine practitioner, author of 3 health books, and international wellbeing expert and presenter.

However... before I was in this health career, I worked in the time-poor corporate world. So, I get it!

I too was exhausted and lacked clarity. I too was bloated, stressed, stress-addicted, self-doubting and sleep deprived.


It is not easy to be at the top of your career and be leading innovative, resilient, flexible, creative, strategic, compassionate, and effective communication if you are on a blood sugar roller coaster, inflamed and in pain, lacking sleep, anxious, depressed, have gut issues, low immune system, hangry, and oh let's not forget tired oh so tired but genuinely wired! Ugh! Who's got time for that!

And, did you know that 43% of people say that they get too busy at work and forget to eat, while 39% skip lunch to finish their work as quickly as possible. While common and even tacitly encouraged, working through lunch in the name of productivity is misguided.

Neither party is well served when business needs take precedence over the most basic human needs. And further to that, poor nutritional choices result in worse mental and physical wellbeing, which greatly impacts performance at work. 

If only I knew back then, what I now know...

I would have loved for an expert to inspire and educate with evidence-based research on how nutrition and lifestyle medicine could have significantly impacted my workplace performance, leadership skills, effective communication, mental well-being, and productivity.

Which is exactly why I created these Science of Workplace Wellbeing Workshops - to educate and inspire YOU to make real and effective changes to your health and wellbeing for lasting results both personally and professionally.


The Science of Workplace Wellbeing Online CPD programs will ‘EDU-tain’ you (education with entertainment- it's essential to have fun along the way) but if you are anything like me, I want to know how this workshop has positively impacted other clients - real people, who have busy lives, don’t grocery shop in fancy places and just want to nudge the dial on positive health. 



Let me share some stories with you...

Michele Chevalley Hedge

“I embraced this program and began the takeaway of new habits in all three workshops. I lost 4 kilos in 8 weeks, but losing weight was not my priority. Working hard often left me brain fogged and exhausted daily. For the first time since I had children, I have begun to sleep deeply for an average of 7.9 hours and my energy and brain clarity are back to my university days.”

High School Teacher, 48

Michele Chevalley Hedge

“Somewhere along the way I lost focus on my wellbeing and my waistline. At my annual checkup last year I discovered just how much I had let my health go. I was on track to end up like my dad and uncles with diabetes, heart conditions, and dying in their 60s. I was so pleased with the results these courses gave me, they surprised my GP too! After 5 months every blood marker and my blood pressure had significantly improved, I was taken off all medications, and I'd lost 11 kilos in the process!”

Lawyer, 55

Michele Chevalley Hedge

“When I took these workshops my lack of work life balance had began to affect my professional life negatively. My lethargy in the afternoon was holding me back from being a positive contributor to my team and clients. The carb-loaded lunches, afternoon jelly snakes, and sugar-packed chia teas were adding to my waistline, to my energy highs and lows, and I was bordering on insulin resistance. I had a dad bod before I was a dad. I was not in a good place health wise. But after these courses and embedding the new healthy habits (that were easy to stick to), my performance at work greatly improved and I got promoted!”

Accountant, 31

I would recommend this training to everyone. It gave me so much information that I never knew. Everyone, no matter their occupation could really learn something. We all could use a little reminder that health is not about the number on the scale.

Danielle Martin, Nurse


The Impact of Improving the Gut Biome on Mental Health & Brain Performance

This online program will edu-tain on how to improve your gut health and its link to cognitive function, anxiety, depression and mood disorders.

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Learning objectives for this on-demand online training course:

  • Understand current evidence and science on diet and nutrition in managing mental health disorders.
  • Understand optimal mental health and cognitive function can enhance an employee's ability to perform highly capable workplace task.
  • Gain knowledge of the physiological mechanisms of diet and its influence on mental and brain (cognitive) health.
  • Improve practical skills and knowledge on implementing dietary changes to manage mental health and optimum brain function and gut health.
  • Identify current lifestyle behaviours and opportunities for quality improvement that can enhance your workplace wellbeing and high performance.

Valid for 2 CPD/CE points* upon completion.

  • Michele Chevalley Hedge

    “I thought the information was wonderful! It was concise but still had a lot of very educational information. My biggest aha moment was realising that I don't eat enough smart carbs. I know this course would be a huge benefit to many of my friends and colleagues (if not all of them).”

Nourish your way to personal and professional peak performance   

Imagine a time in the near future when you feel self-confident, have stable moods, a sharp brain, clear thoughts, a healthy weight, robust immune system, your presence is valued, and your colleagues are thinking.... WOW... I want whatever YOU are having.

It is absolutely possible to nourish your way to success in your career and then... how about this... return home at the end of the day and still have enough energy to give your family and friends to actively listen, communicate and show up as your best self.  

Imagine being able to learn about improving your mental and physical health and be inspired from your desk, car or home - at your own pace, so you will save time and money on your health with this nutrition plan to improve your career performance.

And, of course, while this workshop will link your professional life to wellbeing, it will have the same positive impact on your personal life.

Another bonus is that this course will provide you with a certificate for your Continuing Professional Development Points (CPD/CE)*.

SOWW nutrition resilience 700 The Impact of Nutrition on Mental Resilience & Energy

Qualifies for 3 CPD/CE points*.


AUD 59.00 (+ 10% GST)

“I would recommend this training to everyone. It gave me so much information that I never knew. Everyone, no matter their occupation or if they have a mental illness, could really learn something. We all could use a little reminder that health is not about the number on the scale.”


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*CPD/CE points are approved by your industry body after submission review.