Corporate Testimonials

Michele is a highly capable and accomplished Qualified Nutritionist, Health Author & Professional Speaker, Expert in Nutritional Medicine - including Mental Health  

Clients include:

Accenture, CommBank, ANZ, Westpac, HSBC, Financial Planning Association Australia, Sydney Business School, AMP, Hillross, Financial Planners Assoc, Hillross Financial, Lazard Asset Management, Herbert Smith Freehills, BT Financial Planners, JLL, 151, Employsure, Service Now, RAMS, Aussie, Amplify, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dexus, Dropbox, Woolworths, Westfield, LifeView, MetroTrains, ISI, Department of Defence- NAVY, McGrath Real Estate, Patties Pies, Guzman y Gomez, Thr1ve, TRET Real Estate Training, Heart Research Institute, CureCancer, Golden Door Australia, Body & Soul, Sunrise 7, Accor Hotel Group, 2UE, KISSfm, YPO, a2 MIlk ,Business Chicks, Accor Hotel Group, EO, YPO, Macquarie University, Southern Cross University, SHORE, SCEGGS, Knox Grammar, Firbank, Queenwood, Wenona, MLC, Ravenswood, Abbotsleigh, Emanual, Penisular Grammar, Riverview, Roseville, PLC, and 100’s of private and public school Australia and Internationally
Workplace Wellness 2.0, Workplace Wellness 2017, Propsych Mental Health in School, Positive Schools Asia Pacific, Positive Schools Australia, CBA Women In Focus, Heads of Schools Australia, NSW Nursing

Corporate Testimonials:

“Michele's knowledge in nutrition and well-being was a standout as a key speaker at the Meetings and Events Australia virtual event - Evolve in July 2020. Michele captures people with her genuine, informative manner, offering a sustainable approach for long term results. Michele is extremely passionate, highly professional and is skilled in presenting to a virtual audience which is critical in our environments today.”
Kirsty Forbes, Meetings & Events Australia, MEA, Board of Directors.

“Michele is a vibrant and energetic presenter who is grounded in exceptional health and nutrition theory that captivates the audience from the moment she starts. Her ability to impart important health and wellbeing tips, tools and information in a way that leaves everyone with a personal health mission or goal, post the session, is outstanding.”
Lisa Burquest, Chief People Officer, Virgin Airlines November 2022 Leadership Summit
“Thank you for presenting at the Department of Human Services. Your talk on the importance of nutrition to improve vitality, energy, and productivity aligned well with our aim to highlight the importance of personal wellbeing at work. The experiences and practical strategies you discussed were embraced by the audience. We are grateful to you for your time and effort in sharing your years of research, your depth of understanding and the ability to present the subject in the most engaging way."
Dinabee Sander, Director, Organisational Development & Analysis, People, Strategy and System Services Department of Human Services, South Australian Government, 2022
“Michele is a dynamic well-being expert who has helped News Corp Australia with well communicated tips for health and well being both to our audience and staff. Our staff enjoyed listening to Michele and her tips will make you healthier. Michele is a dynamic well-being expert who has helped News Corp Australia with well communicated tips for health and well-being both to our audience and staff. Our staff enjoyed listening to Michele and her tips will make you healthier.”
Nicholas Gray, Managing Director, News Corp Australia, 2021
“Being able to stand out in the industry of Well-being services is becoming increasingly difficult, however Michele stands head and shoulders above the rest! I look forward to working with her again soon!"
Matthew Garrett, Facebook, 2020
“I worked with Michele on a large annual conference recently and right from our first introduction meeting, I was delighted by Michele’s professionalism, positive outlook and overall energy. Michele took time to listen and understand what we wanted to achieve from her session at the event and partnered well both with us but also other external partners to deliver a session which our customers loved. Thanks Michele!”
Matt Whisker, Global Experiences at American Express 2020
“I attended Michele’s talk titled ‘Energy, Vitality, and Happy Hormones - It’s all in your food’ at the World
Positive Education summit in Texas. The title intrigued me because I strongly believe that nutrition has a
huge impact on well-being. The talk was amazing Michele’s energetic style and clear messages on the
importance of nutrition inspired me to ask her to speak to my leadership team in our company in Australia
and now we have partnered with Michele to fill a missing link in our holistic well-being program."
Robert (Bob) Easton. Chairman and Senior Managing Director, Accenture Australia & New Zealand
“Health and wellbeing are a focus for Dexus, to help our customers thrive by providing a suite of health
and wellbeing services, offerings, and amenities within their building and across the community building
portals. Dexus wants to make it possible for our customers of all sizes to offer their employees the same
services that have often only been available for large corporations. To date, we have a range of boot camps,
yoga, Pilates and mindfulness classes run weekly across the country and we have facilitated approximately
600 wellness related events year to date. Michele Chevalley Hedge has been instrumental in this process
and delivery – making wellness realistic, light, interesting not an extreme.“
Rachel Blackburn | Dexus, Customer Experience Manager
"At BT Select we are supporting our community’s well-being. We believe that the mental and physical health of our collective team’s is key to their success. We were fortunate to have Michele Chevalley Hedge present at our recent BT Select Principals’ Forum. Michele’s ability to articulate the key messages of the importance of managing one’s energy, sleep patterns and productivity was impactful and very well received. The group was extremely engaged, and the feedback post has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again Michele."
Kon Costas – Managing Director BT Select
"The a2 Milk Company has embraced the importance of our employee’s mental and physical wellbeing. The
success and education on a digital platform was as good, if not better than having Michele present in person (due to our interstate and international employees). Her education, humour and informative takeaways are what make her wellbeing platform unique. We are energised to keep working with Michele and her team in the future to benefit our community, productivity, connection, and overall wellbeing.“
Susan Massasso, Chief Growth and Brand Officer, The a2 Milk Company Limited
“Michele worked with Commonwealth Private to design and deliver a well-timed and insightful well-being
webcast exclusive to Commonwealth Private clients in lieu of our face to face events - that have ceased due
to the Coronavirus pandemic. The session was a great way to keep us connected with our clients, add value
while we can't get together in person and most importantly demonstrate our prioritisation of their overall
health and well-being. The client feedback was unanimously positive, and my only regret is that 30 min
schedule was too short as we all could have listened to Michele's fascinating keynote much longer.”
Anna Gardiner, Executive Manager, Client Experience and Business Development Commonwealth, Private, Commonwealth Bank
"Can’t wait for this week! Coaching our people in career, leadership, and technical needs to be married with
mental and physical wellbeing for best results. Your program has been a way that we can support our whole workforce in starting this journey particularly in this environment, where immunity, physical and mental wellbeing is being tested at a new level."
Kat Guthrie, Head of Human Resources Australia & NZ, Chubb
“Michele is a gifted and inspiring presenter. We have worked with her many times over the years at Business Chicks, and it is always an absolute pleasure. Our community love Michele and her evidence-based knowledge on nutrition, mental health and a healthy lifestyle is delivered with heart, humour, and an
abundance of positive energy. Michele keeps it real and understands women. She espouses practical
information with a message around finding balance between optimal health whilst still enjoying your life.
She is an absolute professional and a joy to work with.”
Olivia Ruello, CEO, Business Chicks
“Mental Health, emotional well-being and clarity of thinking are in my view all enhanced by a low sugar
lifestyle. As a family, we’ve kicked the habit (not hard) and its awesome! The science is all moving in this
direction. For our own sake and the sake of future generations we need to address the “sugar” epidemic in
all its manifestations. Michele and her team know what they’re about and practise what they preach.
Peter Joseph, AM, Chairman, Black Dog Institute. Former Chairman of St Vincent’s and
Mater Health, Sydney and St Ignatius College
"In a continually connected and ‘on’ world it is increasingly important for organisations to assist their teams to manage health and wellbeing. Michele brings to life the importance, and consequences, of not adequately managing our wellbeing. Her energy had the room captivated and wanting more. Michele’s
material is relevant, practical and eye opening and her recommendations easily implemented.”
Melynda Carpenter, Head of Women in Focus, Commonwealth Bank.
“Michele’s style creates a wonderfully inspiring and authentic connection with the audiences she shares her
messages of nutrition with. She creates simple messages that resonate with children and adults, turning
empirical data into practical daily actions. Changing behavioural patterns is the key to positive mental and
physical health, and Michele ignites a conversation that empowers people to make true change without fuss, and I have personally experienced just how easy it has been to sustain this conversation and personal
choices as part of our daily family routine.”
Jane Weir, Head of Human Resources, Westpac
“At Dexus we’re helping to create healthy, enriched and productive communities for our customers and
employees. We understand the impact that positive wellbeing messages on the nutrition, sleep and exercise can have on productivity, energy and good health."
DEXUS, General Manager
“On behalf of JLL and the attendees of the Premium Property Management Conference, thank you so much
for your great presentation last week. The team found your presentation insightful, thought provoking and
entertaining. We greatly appreciate your contribution to this event.”
Mike George, International Director, JLL Head of Premium Services, Australia
“Michele Chevalley Hedge has the ability to take some of the latest evidence-based information around
nutrition and its relationship to mental health and translate this to families, schools, and corporates. Her
passion and knowledge allows Michele to share serious health topics in a way that is accessible to all
audiences. We as educators, researchers and speakers need to share these messages wide and far for the
sake of our health and that of our children and adolescents.”
Associate Professor Felice Jacka President, International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry, Honorary Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Adolescent Health, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne
"I have had the pleasure of hearing Michele Chevalley Hedge speak on many occasions. Her energy, humour and knowledge are unrivalled in the field of nutrition in Australia. She is simply a phenomenal
communicator – I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone looking for a smash hit speaker at their
Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Psychologist, Author, and Broadcaster
“With our continued focus on strength of mind and wellbeing we will definitely be looking opportunities to
further leverage A Healthy View in the future!”
Amanda Matehaere Head of Markets, HR, Westpac Institutional Bank
“Michele spoke to the Heads of Independent Schools of NSW and the ACT at their quarterly conference. Her
presentation was energetic, dynamic and transformational. Her messages were practical, insightful and
readily able to be implemented in our busy lives. Michele was inspiring & motivating! The importance of
mental health is just as important to her talk as is the physical body. We would highly recommend her."
Paul Teyes, Heads of Schools NSW.
"The wise and wonderful Michele Chevalley Hedge presented an entertaining and informative keynote
presentation at Positive Schools Asia, in Hong Kong. The 400 plus audience of teachers and school leaders
showed their appreciation with enthusiastic feedback. They rated Michele’s presentation highly for both
content and engagement. There is no doubt that our diet shapes us physically, socially and emotionally. It is
time the developed world took note. Michele is a pleasure to work with and delivers an important message
that needs to be heard."
Dr Helen Street, Positive Schools founder and chair
“Accor Hotels are always looking to be leaders in work place health and productivity and believe this
should extend not only to employees but our guests too. Employees need to know that mental health is as
important as their physical health. Michele has added much value to our Workplace Wellness Project."
Emily Hoare, Marketing Manager, Accor Hotels
“Michele’s style creates a wonderfully inspiring and authentic connection with the audiences she shares
her messages of nutrition, mental health and physical health. She creates simple messages that resonate
with children and adults, turning empirical data into practical daily actions. Changing behavioral patterns
is the key to positive mental and physical health, and Michele ignites a conversation that empowers people
to make true change without fuss, and I have personally experienced just how easy it has been to sustain this conversation and personal choices as part of our daily family routine.”
Jane Weir, Head of Human Resources, Westpac
"When I was in the thick of my depression, I found that bad habits were easy to slip into and good ones easy to excuse away. Food was definitely a big part of this equation. Quick fix food felt great for a moment but pretty soon zapped me of energy, made it harder to concentrate, and overall contributed to a feeling of
heading in the wrong direction. I LOVE Michele’s approach to realistically eating well! We’re not robots
and our diets don’t have to be perfect and boring. Small changes can lead to big positive things."
Nic Newling, The Champions, Media Wellness Presenter

“Michele presented a one-hour workshop on the topic ‘Gain energy, improve productivity and achieve
balance’. Delegates rated the session as one of the best workshops of the Congress, reporting that Michele
was an excellent presenter who shared relevant, interesting and practical content in an engaging manner,
and who inspired attendees to challenge themselves to improve their work/life balance and achieve optimal
Financial Professionals Australia Congress Committee

“Fantastic. Life changing for myself & my family."
Delegate at FPA Congress 2017
“Awesome session!!!"
Delegate at FPA Congress 2017
“Scentre Group was fortunate to have Michele come and speak with us last year. She spoke to our Connect
group, which is a development group for our Senior Female Executives. Our team immediately responded to Michele’s advice and approach to healthy living, mental & physical health because it was so practical and
easily adapted to all kinds of lifestyles. She literally changed lives in the two hours we had with her and I’d
happily have her again and recommend her to anyone."
Alison Flemming, GM Operations Finance, Scentre Group
“The presentation was engaging and inspirational and it got EVERYONE talking about sugar and the
importance of healthy eating, physical and mental health which is what it's all about... my team and I have
already made changes... we have ditched the jelly bean jar and introduced the homemade protein balls for
when that sugar craving hits! Thank you again for providing this crucial information in such a personable
and enjoyable way, while still being direct and "telling it how it is!"
Susan, Business Support Manager - MCDSPO (Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Systems Program Office)
"I heard Michelle speak last year and she is probably the most engaging and interesting speaker I have ever
heard. Michele's passion for nutrition and its health benefits are contagious and she is the voice that our
adolescents need to hear. It is wonderful to have someone as knowledgeable as Michele, promoting mental
health issues with some factual, practical, easy advice that will complement other health professionals &
their services. Michelle is fun."
Jenny Shaw, Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, School Registered Nurse Association
"Michele is a dynamic speaker with enormous passion for the topic of nutrition. Her presentation was very
well received by the Junior and Secondary School students, parents and staff in the audience. The
information Michelle shares is practical and aspirational - it helps us to see how good nutrition can give a
boost to our overall wellbeing."
Dr Sarah Lock, Dean of Students, Pymble Ladies College
"Michele has presented to our staff and parents about the importance of nutrition on the body and brain. She gave practical advice about how the food we eat has significant impacts on the health of our body and it’s functioning. Michele gave practical tips on assessing sugar levels and the importance of slow burning foods which release energy slowly. These tips were insightful and manageable for children and adults to embrace in order to foster a healthier life style."
Emma Clemens, Deputy Head of Primary, Emanuel School
“We were honoured to have Michele Chevalley Hedge from A Healthy View talk at our annual Guzman y
Gomez (GYG) Summit in October 2017. Michele spoke to our 200+ audience about nutritional trends &
wellbeing. She is an engaging, intelligent and articulate speaker who had our audience having many a
“light bulb” moment particularly around the health risks of sugar in our diet. We will most certainly be
working with Michele again in the future and would highly recommend her as a keynote speaker."
Steven Marks, Founder and Global CEO, Guzman y Gomez
"Tired but wired! Many many entrepreneurs in a nutshell. Wellbeing, energy, and mental clarity is what all
entrepreneurs need and are seeking more of. Michele delivers practical tips to enhance our mental and physical wellbeing in an engaging and insightful way."
Kiel Van Daal, President & member at EO Sydney
“I approached Michele Chevalley Hedge at A Healthy View after watching her speak at several other
educational events earlier in the year and I hoped she would be available to address the delegates at The
School Nurses Association of NSW 17th Annual Conference in September 2016. I was not disappointed, and
neither were the 150 nurse delegates at the conference as they listened to Michele educate them regarding
maintaining their own health and energy levels through a healthy balanced diet in order to look after the
physical and mental health needs of the students in schools in which they work. Michele is energetic, vital and a living example of the end result of a well-balanced diet and lifestyle. She inspired us with her motivation and encouraged all to make healthy choices and project this message to the students in our care. Nurses commented that Michele was invigorating and encouraging. Her presentation was entertaining and interesting providing useful strategies for delegates and those under their care.”
Britta Crozier, President, School Nurses Association of NSW
“Michele has spoken at both the Mental Health in Schools (MHIS) and School Counsellors and
Psychologists (SCAP) Conferences since 2015. These conferences’ include speakers of the highest calbire,
and Michele has constantly been an invaluable contribution to these events. Michele’s research on the
importance of good nutrition and its effect on behaviours and well-being is absolutely vital for all educators,
to incorporate both into our own lives and the lives of children’s in our education system. Michele’s
exuberant spirit is well evidenced; her presentation’s are always energetic, informative and polished."
Paula Teggelove, Founder Propsych

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